Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

It goes without saying that there is undeniably no sector in our lives that cannot be enhanced by better communication. Formal settings often require prompt responses and a clear understanding of instructions. Although our personal lives revolve around these qualities too, there is perhaps a little leeway there, depending upon our powers of persuasion.

Knowing how to be articulate and correctly express yourself is one of the most underrated and critically important skills to develop. It is almost criminal how so much time is often spent trying to work upon our technical or vocational skills, with little consideration for how we express ourselves. It is not just the content of our dialogue that matters, but also our delivery. So, when it comes to professional settings, these aspects have the power to completely transform how people view you and what you have to offer.

Let’s take a brief look into the 3 most important aspects of communication skills:

  • Emotional Intelligence

While many factors go into determining a person’s Emotional Intelligence, strong interpersonal skills are a major contributor towards how people view you.

Remember: Great ideas aren’t worth much if they cannot be relayed to your peers effectively.

It is only through a mutual understanding that teamwork can truly be successful.

  • Clarity

A simple translation mistake during World War II led to 150,000-250,000 people being either killed, injured, or exposed to radiation.

Alright, so the stakes at your workplace may not be as high, but it is still important to not only comprehend tasks which are assigned to you, but also to articulate your dilemmas.

Minor misunderstandings in instructions can result in completely different results! It is vital to know what your question really is, and then manage your expectations and actions accordingly.

Clearer instructions bring about results, and results bring about progress.

  • Confidence

Ultimately, a lot of situations simmer down to being self-assured. Knowing you’re good at what you do and being able to express your needs is important, but in order to pull it off you need to believe in yourself and what you have to offer.

A survey by Indeed found that 99% of workers believe confidence is vital in finding a job. When it comes to interviewing, 97% agree confidence is a critical skill, and 98% consider it crucial when negotiating a hiring package.

The magnitude of being confident cannot be overstated, given the crucial role it plays in securing a good position and salary.

Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills:

1. Assessment

The first and foremost step is understanding where the issue lies.
Specific problems often contain an underlying cause which if solved from its root, make room for drastic improvement.

Understanding what needs to be changed is the first step towards actually changing it.

There are many ways of going this route. While the easiest method is to introspect and understand your strengths and flaws, it can also be accompanied by various tests and resources that help you understand yourself better. These guides provide further insight into your patterns and can connect you with other people who relate to them.

2. Listening

Although it seems basic, and is mentioned afront on all self-improvement guides, very few people really do listen. Most of us end up ignoring what seems to be a trait we assume we possess. We spend much of our time listening to the other person’s viewpoint only to put forth an argument, rather than coming from a place of understanding and mutual respect.

While you may not agree with everyone’s stance, it is still incredibly critical to listen and continue to reevaluate your priorities and opinions. This is what significantly contributes to your accomplishments.

3. Being compassionate

While it may seem that the corporate world encompasses a rat race that ultimately must be won by stepping over other people, it is only through mindfulness and by being aware of other people’s needs that we will truly achieve results. Understanding someone’s viewpoint, combined with introspection, is the key to being articulate about what we need.

Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills:
Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

4. Training

Many skills can be constantly worked on in a personal capacity. However, there is little replacement for real life situations where we are forced to interact with people and must have instantaneous responses.

We may know certain things in theory, but that doesn’t promise we will be able to present them practically. This is where the role of training becomes critical. Once you become accustomed to how your views must be presented in a mock setting, it is easy to convey the same in real life.

5. Stress Management

A survey report by ManipalCigna showed that about 89% of the sandwich generation (age group 35-49 years) is suffering from stress, followed by 87% of millennials, and 64% of those aged above 50+.

As various issues keep piling up, it is vital to compartmentalize them in order to ensure your wellbeing and functioning. Alongside the mental strain that will inevitably hamper your work, it also brings with it a plethora of physical side effects.

While it may be hard to completely eliminate stress realistically, it is possible to reduce and manage it. Various strategies such as proper time management, exercise, therapy, and clarity of goals can help you achieve that. Depending upon your individual needs, different options should be explored and made use of.

How Can Flinzy Help You Do Better?

It is entirely possible to work on all of the above by yourselves with the use of self-help resources, but professional guidance and mentorship provide a structure that otherwise cannot be implicated through individual efforts.

As students, knowing the challenges that corporate life brings forth with it in advance, and getting a chance to work specifically on your weaker skills will help you plan and execute these in the most efficient way.

This is where Flinzy can help.

How Can Flinzy Help You Do Better?
How Can Flinzy Help You Do Better?

We want to help you prepare for corporate life, not just by ensuring that you become excellent communicators, but also by helping you boost your personality and skills.

Our learning platform is built in such a way that it determines your current skill level and designs a customized learning path just for you. Apart from online interactive video lessons and assignments, Flinzy also provides one-on-one sessions with industry experts and coaches, so that students can get help with their careers as well as personality development.

Watch this video to learn how you can get the best of both worlds with our tech-based training and one-on-one personal coaching:

Flinzy encourages you to be the best you can be by nurturing the potential that you already have within you. So take a step towards growth, take a step towards success, take a step towards Flinzy.

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