Top 15 TV Shows You Can Watch to Learn English

In this fast-paced world, we often lean on digital platforms to answer our questions and learn something new in general. Learning English from a textbook will give you a stable grammar background but often proves to be inadequate in real-world scenarios.

Conversing in any language with confidence and correct formation of sentences is a skill that is neglected in textbook style learning. TV shows and movies have proved to be important mediums for generations to learn a new language. You might think TV shows are a waste of time for such trivial learning but you will be surprised to know that it is one of the leading forums from which most beginners learn English.

TV shows help viewers build and improve various skills including listening, conversing, and vocabulary. Why TV shows over movies? Because of the reappearance of characters, and their accent and vocabulary which will help you stay in touch with the same style of the language. The visual elements provide context and help you in understanding unexplored foreign expressions and vocabulary.

Top 15 TV shows you can watch to learn English:

  1. Friends – There is a high chance you might have seen or heard about this show. This sit-com revolves around the lives of six friends with plenty of real-life situations that we face in our lives. This will help you build easy conversational skills when you are faced with such scenarios.
  2. Seinfeld – It is a no-brainer that sitcoms are the most effective players in this game. Similar to ‘Friends’, this series revolves around Jerry Seinfeld and his group of friends. This series will help you familiarize American English as it contains simple everyday dialogues and phrases.
  3. Modern Family – This show unlike the other two includes a majority of children as the cast which provides you with easy to frame sentences with clear pronunciation.
  4. Brooklyn 99 – Another American sit-com that revolves around a particular branch of the NYPD. With hilarious conversations and puns, this show is guaranteed to entertain you in your learning experience.
  5. The Simpsons – This is a cartoon show which has been active since 1989. But it is not your typical cartoon that’s made for kids. This TV show enlightens you on various aspects of the American culture. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn English as well as parts of American culture through the fun-filled and witty episodes.
  6. How I Met Your Mother – It is quite similar to ‘Friends’, teaching you about real-life relationships and friends. If you want to improve your daily conversations and have a laugh at the same time, this is a must-watch show.
  7. Game of Thrones – It is a fantasy show with plenty of interesting plot twists and characters. This show provides you with higher-end vocabulary and sentence formations, which will further increase your knowledge in the language.
  8. The Crown – What better way to learn British English than from the Queen herself? This show travels around the lives of the Royal Family of the UK, specifically Queen Elizabeth. If you want to learn ‘proper’ British English, as they say, this is a show which should be on your list too.
  9. Sherlock – This is another British TV show which revolves around a certain detective ‘Sherlock’. You might already be acquainted with Sherlock Holmes through short stories, but this show starring Benedict Cumberbatch is a great means to learn to converse in British English.
  10. Misfits – If you want to test your listening skills, this show is tailor-made for you. With various accents, this sci-fi TV show captures the different language cultures in and around the United Kingdom. However, we would recommend this show if you are ready to jump into advanced learning.
  11. The Good Place – The show takes place in heaven which is depicted as the fictional ‘good place’. With a slow-moving plot and repetitive story lines, this is a great beginner show for vocabulary building and sentence formation.
  12. Bojack Horseman – Apart from being one of the best-animated series, this show includes mundane animal characters who speak simple English. If you want a dosage of life advice along with daily conversational English, you cannot miss this one.
  13. Stranger Things – This sci-fi TV show is highly popular among teens. Children play the majority of the roles in this series which makes it easier to listen and understand the words and the context of the same.
  14. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – This sit-com, starring Will Smith as the protagonist, is a glimpse into Will Smith’s life in his uncle’s house. This hilarious show provides great insights into the different accents Americans use to speak English.
  15. The Office – This sitcom has various versions of it, but we would recommend you watch the American version. This series offers a hysterical view into the daily lives of the employees of a paper company. With simple daily life conversations, this will prove to be a highly useful show for you to learn simple English.

With these shows set in your mind, you’re all ready to learn and to be entertained at the same time. But don’t you want to know how you can implement the shows to actually learn English?

Here are a few proven techniques which you can use to maximize your gain:

  • Listen intently –  Keep an ear out for the way words are pronounced and used in a conversation. Note down the words which you find difficult to pronounce and practice it.
  • Think in English – Resist the temptation to translate words into your native language. Start thinking in English to start speaking in English.
  • Use subtitles – Subtitles will help you grasp the context of difficult sentences with the scenes on the screen. It can be used as a tool to familiarize yourself with words and sentence formations in a conversation.
  • Binge watch –  Indulge in TV shows with the motive of learning. It can be highly helpful as you get more acquainted with characters and their ways of using the language. Repeating an episode or usage of flashcards for difficult words have been proven highly efficient when you undertake the journey of learning.

TV shows are one of the most fun ways in which you can learn English and stay entertained. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a show and get started!

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