Learn English Online: The Beginner’s Guide

Our primary source of communication is language. Language differs among people from different regions. There are approximately more than 6,000 languages spoken throughout the world. To be able to communicate, we need to be able to speak and understand a common language. In the current world scenario of the world, this language is English.

English is the ‘common tongue’ internationally. More than 20% of Earth’s population speaks English, which goes on to highlight the importance of the language. Having command over English becomes a valuable asset in one’s professional career.

To learn English, one need not sit with the fattest classical novel out there.

Instead, one can take decidedly minimal steps that ensure slow but determined growth in the one’s control over the language.

Learn The Basics

To set the foundation, one should focus primary attention on the basics of the language. For the beginner, this would be starting to familiarize themselves with the alphabets. After which, one can move on to the most commonly used words and vocabulary. Learning the essentials of forming sentences and making sense of this by reading paragraphs and stories.

Initially, grasping the language can be daunting and met with a lot of apprehension. By not letting this prevent one on their journey of learning English, one will be able to see the results of their labour. There is no dearth of resource materials online and one can make use of the same.

Online Learning

Most often, one of the complaints that people have with learning a language is not being an avid reader. Let that not stop you, because there is plenty of audio content available online. Listening to this content, will certainly provide the same benefit. You not only learn new words, you can pick up the pronunciation as well.  This is a great alternative for multi-taskers as well, because one can listen to this audio content while performing other tasks such as cooking or working out.

One can even take online classes from tutors. This helps in guiding one on an individual, one-to-one basis. Learning from online tutors is an effective manner for beginners to learn English online. Online tutors are getting popular because they are cost effective and flexible in schedule.

Learners can also use different applications for reading stories. From my personal experience, reading stories increases vocabulary. Bengali is my mother tongue and raised issues for me since my second language in school was Hindi. Despite that, learning a different language was exciting. Reading stories, essays and poems enhanced my vocabulary and diluted the fear of the language. There are many online sites for free books which can help us learn better.

Peer learning is another great method to adopt while learning a new language. By creating study groups with other learners is an effective way to motivate and encourage all the individuals in their journey of learning the language.

Learning from Alexa

When learning is coupled with fun, it becomes more enjoyable. A fun way to learn English is with Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a virtual assistant you can communicate with, similar to Siri. With Alexa one can hear news reports, weather forecasts and music. Hearing and listening skills are enhanced in real time. It is a good way to increase our vocabulary and work on our pronunciation. We can also learn new words by listening and repeating them.

Alexa users have to command “Alexa, I want to learn English,” to start training. According to Puneesh Kumar, Country Manager for Alexa Experiences and Devices at Amazon India, “The combination of the simplicity of voice interactions and interactive learning with Alexa is expected to make it a fun experience for users of all age groups.”

Learn from Games

Another unconventional way of learning a language is by playing games online in the target language. There are many online English learning games which pack in entertainment, information and education. It is the whole package. By having clear rules and different levels of ease and difficulty, anyone can find the game for them. One such game for English is Scrabble Online. It engages the mind towards vocabulary and can be played with friends well. The rules of Scrabble are simple. One needs to make a word which will help one earn more points. Games like Scrabble aid in learning new words.

Pronunciation Matters

Now that you’re aware of what you can do to improve and enhance your English, you’re also aware of how important the right pronunciation of words is. Not knowing the right pronunciation can be a source of insecurity and also lead to miscommunication. Pronunciation is not an aspect that should be overlooked. Listening to words repeatedly rectifies the mistakes in one’s pronunciation.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

Anton Chekov

The fundamentals in learning any language, including English, lies in one’s commitment to it. Everything that one learns must be practiced regularly. Consistency is key and will ensure that one progresses in their journey of being proficient and fluent in English. Quality learning is not an overnight affair and, therefore, it is essential to be patient and trust the process.

Since the goal is to make English effortlessly a part of one’s life, it is crucial to give one’s best consistent effort while learning.

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